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This is just an unsafe prank to do, but hey still very funny!

This must be one of the most scariest pranks ever made, but soooo funny!

Here is another hilarious pranks about clown killers.

To take the one killer clown prank a little further, they added a uncle to help scare you!

This is a clown scaring the life out of people. What do you do if a killer clown runs after you?

Another awesome song from Eminem is When I’m Gone!

This is one of Eminem’s recent released songs and is very good, Headlights ft. Nate Ruess.

An older, but still nice song from Cheryl Cole and it is Parachute.

This is an awesome new song from Cheryl Cole ft Tinie Tempah and it Crazy Stupid Love.

Another song by Ed Sheeran for the hopeless romantics, Thinking Out Loud!