Top Rated Videos

Awesome song by Avicii called ‘Levels’.

This is a video of two guys in an elevator and the one guy fakes strangle his friend to see what people will do in murder in progress situation.  This was the response.

This is Alison Brie from the series Community, and she is doing funny faces of meme pictures with her own.  Hilarious!

This is another video of RWJ presenting Equals 3.

This is one of that video again of the very annoying orange, check it out!

Robbie Wessels

This is a video of a man that gained a pack of 38 lions trust at a nature reserve.

This is a just for laughs video where girls in bikinis makes the boys very sad.

This is a video of a white couple with a black baby, prank.

This song by George Ezra have shaking the world, Budapest!