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This is a video of a dog stranded on a piece of ice in the middle of the ocean and a Russian ships of men saves the dog.

This is a video of Apple bringing technology to a new era and it looks pretty amazing.

This is a video of two Audi RS 4 in a paintball duel with one another.

This is a video of the C Seed 201, this is the biggest outdoor tv there is.

This is a video of NASA explaining what had happened in Russia when a meteorite storm break lose there.

This is totally extreme as a dare devil risk his life sky diving with an umbrella.  Simply scary and amazing!

This fielder has make his point with a very good and very funny catch of the ball.

This is one of NASA’s videos of the sun up close and it is very amazing.

This guy is a new viral video vocalist and is extremely good with his voice. ┬áHe is using the Stevie Wonder song “I wish”, very good.

This video is about a cheerleader that score a goal for the football team.