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This video is for all the ice lovers, the first glass snowboard.  This is totally amazing!

This video is about two miniature sports cars having a chase in a miniature city.  This is something cool for the guys!

This is a street artist performing Hallelujah using glasses of water and it is simply amazing!

This guy is recording a meteorite explosion right before him in Russian sky!

This video is about some kind of talent show where this guy is a speed painter and has one minute and thirty seconds to finish his painting.  It is very amazing!

This is a video that contains a variety of awesome videos to show everyone what the internet is for.  This is amazing!

Ultra-ever dry is a new anti-water and anti-hydrocarbons that can be applied in different situations and will get amazing results.  This is very awesome new technology.

This is a video where Jeremy of  Top Gear drive the world most smallest car and he surely does not like it at all.

This video is about people that wants to entertain people at the Grand Central Station in New York City, and their just amazing!

This guy dance dubstep style to the dubstep version of Adele’s song Set fire to the rain.  It is a job well done!