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This commercial is Budweiser where a man and a horse are like brothers.  It is very sweet.

This video is about Soda Stream comparing Coca-cola and Pepsi and shows us how we can save with Soda Stream.

This video is a commercial for the 2013 superbowl and M&M’s use it to promote itself.

This video is about a commercial of a woman showing how irresistible the one man is, this is an old spice commercial, simply irresistible.

This is a commercial about the new Mercedes-Benz CLA coming soon.

This flash mob is extremely good!

In honoring the 100th anniversary of a Swedish Medical Center, the staff performed a flash mob on the song “Dancing Queen” of Abba.

This flash mob is in honoring a friend that passed away and the song to her is “I believe she’s amazing”.  This is very heartbreaking and sweet in the same time.

The flash mob is done by the staff of the Lisbon Airport on Christmas night!

This flash mob had taking place at O. R Tambo airport in South Africa and it look just simply amazing!