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This flash mob had taken place in the Grand Central Station and everyone must freeze at the exact moment.

This is a flash mob of  a proposal where Clement want to ask Natasha to marry him.  This is awesome!

This flash mob had taken place in 2010 in tribute for Michael Jackson, and it was performed by a group of Philippines.

This flash mob in the video is about Michael Jackson in honoring him they use his songs and make a flash mob.

This is a flash mob that toke place in Berlin, Hauptbahnhof.

The people at the airport were shock when this dancer just started dancing, this had put all of them in a holiday mode.

This is a flash of 17 different coming together and performing against bullying.  This is simply amazing, and the children are enjoying it!

It is in the night at this amazing adventure park when suddenly music started playing loud and people started falling to the ground.  This is when a flash mob hit this adventure park.

This video contains a flash mob of the song Mama Mia by Abba.

This is a video of a flash mob with more than a 100 dancers on the Bondi Beach.  As you can see in the video the people are loving it!