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This video contains a variety of extreme freestyle sports and the best parts of it!

This video contains a variety of extreme sports and look really awesome.

This video is about snow so deep, that you do not see the car until it is right in front of you.

This video shows how you can save petrol when it is winter.  Down hill you can just slide your way to the bottom, but please watch out for other cars or anything you can bump in to.

This video is for all you football lovers, and to be honest, it is very amazing!

This video is about opening that beer you so desparatly need and want to taste!

This videos is about a whole contruction and famous dare devil athletes that puts on a show for Red Bull.  This is amazing!

This is a costume robot that is Iron Man alike that people can wear and play with.

This video is about random stunts that ends with a huge fail.  It is really something to see, when people survive something like this!

This Korean guy kept calm while an out of control truck keeps coming at him.  Luckily he got out of the ways just in time!