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This video is about a few young people enjoying their day slip ‘n sliding with random tricks and fun stuff.  This is how life must be!

This video contains a number of really awesome videos of people doing awesome things.

This guy lost his arm and is a candidate for a high tech prosthetic arm.  He is explaining how the terminator arm is working!

This is a tiny terrier and could be the worlds most smallest dog.  She is very cute and playful!

This guys sure have some great basketball shots.  Did you those move and stuff they were doing?  Quite amazing stuff!

Just check out how fast this train is actually going From Florida to New Jersey with the orange juice on board, it is unbelievable.

This is very interesting where a robot moves over obstacles.  Technology is improving everyday and this is a major break through.

This is real awesome, if you ever thought of getting a cool hiding place then this must be one of your options. Check this out!