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Equals Three is presenting a viral video that is truly unbelievable, but true.


This is Ray William Johnson From =3 presenting a pick a dick video!

Well done it, RWJ!  Another feel good video that ends with a delicious cookies!

Ray William Johnson knows just what videos to choose, especially random ones such as a world record for how many time one man can unzip his pants.

This video of =3 has got a very nasty twist, its not something that people want to see.  Remember curiosity killed the cat fish!

Ray William Johnson can say whatever he likes, but he is an animal lover.  This dog in this video really impresses him.

Another video of Ray William Johnson in =3 where a few guys put a firework in a toilet and then the toilet explodes, Oh “shoot”!

This is one of RWJ videos of Equals Three where one of the videos is about two boys playing in fake videos, and a couple years back the made their first fake video.

Kevin is presenting in the video, cause he ate Ray! This is a very good video, you should have a look!

This video of Equals Three of Ray William Johnson is short than ever, it a minute video! Check it out.