Funny Animals - Page 5 of 13 - CrazyVideo

This is a video of a rain frog that do not like the attention, but is cute!!!

This is a video of one little small horse dances the whole time on the song “I wanna be with you everyday”.

This cat is so miserable of bathing he even has that miserable meow.

This is a video of a cute Boston Terrier that looks so guilty.

This cat is very fascinated by the snake illusion on that piece of paper and simply cannot stop trying to catch it.

This is a video where Dalmatian puppies and the parents wants more peanut butter and loving it!

This is a video where a photographer usually capture lions and this particular day one lioness walks up to the photographer and walks away again.  This is amazing!

This is a video of a dog stranded on a piece of ice in the middle of the ocean and a Russian ships of men saves the dog.

This is a video of a orphaned wombat that snuggles with this man in the video and it is so cute.

This is a video that tease a gerbil and then it makes the dramatic move.