Funny Animations - CrazyVideo

This is a writing video of a cat and a kitten where they are just being cats, but naughty cats.

This is a video of emo kids that is over populating the earth animations and their non-abilities.

This is a video of Maggie Simpson where she is protecting a beautiful butterfly from a evil kid in their daycare.

This animation is about two little ones having a competition and ends up doing naughty but funny things.

This is a animated video of a slave Egyptian taking revenge on his owner for beating him the whole time.

This is a video of parents giving their child a random present, but they didn’t ordered a little dinosaur for their kid.

This is a animated video of a T-Rex dinosaur where he is preparing for the ice age.

This animation is about a shepherd that wants to go to church and his sheep want to go as well.

This video is about a bear having a battle with a treadmill, because he just push buttons.

This is a video about a robot in a cell and has no contact of the outside world, until one day when a butterfly came along.  The robot picked the butterfly up amazed and suddenly hit it.