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This little one gets very emotional when his mother sings a very familiar song… Check the video and see just how cute it is.

This video is about sadistic parents feeding their babies and kids lemons. It is very funny though:)

This little girl is bathing and is seriously looking for her daddy, so CUTE!

One baby is funny, but twins are even better, look at this funny video of twins.

This video contains a variety of baby videos which is very cute, sweet and FUNNY!!!

This is a video of a white couple with a black baby, prank.

GAGS got another funny video that you should see, they take blackmail photos of people.

This is a Chuck split that is really unbelievable.

This is a really funny video where the guide takes the person into gorilla cage and suddenly the gorilla comes in.

This is GAGS video where they pranks with people that the police guy gets kick in the nuts.