Funny Videos - Page 6 of 53 - CrazyVideo

This is a video of three sisters ages 1,2 and 3 freaking out of the crazy frog song. This is cute.

This 2 year old is very clever for her age, very amazing!

This little girl argues with her dad who the crazy one are. Funny!

This 2 year old girl sings Adele’s song, Someone Like You, and very cute!

This baby gets very emotional when his mother sings a certain song. Very sweet!

This video is about a woman that scares the people with her face.

This is a video where the little boy ask someone to fetch his ball and a croc pops out.

This little boy whistle for the ladies and blames it on their sitter.

This is a GAGS video and very hilarious as well, check it out!

This video contains a lot of funny pranks, be sure to watch it!