Recently Added Videos

This racoon in this video is out of his mind wasted… Hilarious!

It is hilarious how Jimmy Fallon talks after breathing in the helium…

This is a honest movie trailer of Terminator 2, check it out!

This is really good and the humor is hilarious… Well done Seth McFarlane.

This video is about a toddler obviously do not like or want a monkey on their car… Here’s why…

This is a compilation of funny animal attacks on humans, hilarious!

This video shows how a lion open the car door of tourist in a wild reserve, it is funny and scary!

This is a compilation of kids at a zoo and funny experiences with the wild animals.

This elephant appeared in front of the biker and passenger and started chasing them. It is funny and scary in both ways!

A new song from Pitbull ft. Chris Brown and it is called Fun.