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Treffer vanaf Kurt Darren se nuwe CD “In jou Oe”.

Die Heuwels Fantasties

Pragtige treffer uit 2011 gesing deur Karlien van Jaarsveld: ‘Beter as liefde’.

This is a old lady at a wedding that is so drunk she just keep walking backwards until she falls.

Jakkie Louw

This is a video of different pictures of drunk celebs that is truly hilarious.

Awesome song by Avicii called ‘Levels’.

This is a short commercial video by Liberty Life showing why you would need a life insurance policy, income protection and disability cover from them. If you are thinking about getting life insurance, Liberty Life cover is strongly recommended.

This is Alison Brie from the series Community, and she is doing funny faces of meme pictures with her own.  Hilarious!

This is a compilation of funny animal attacks on humans, hilarious!