[extreme sport clips] Videos

This video is about a bunch of guys making a super fast bicycle with a little twist.  It is very good.

This is guys having fun while doing extreme sports.  Looks absolutely fun!

This is definitely a extreme sport and most fascinating.  This guy is a dare devil from fly with one huge speed through a small cave.  Amazing!

This woman is extremely good at jumping rope, and she does all kinds of tricks.

This video is for all the ice lovers, the first glass snowboard.  This is totally amazing!

This video is about two miniature sports cars having a chase in a miniature city.  This is something cool for the guys!

This is a street artist performing Hallelujah using glasses of water and it is simply amazing!

This guy is recording a meteorite explosion right before him in Russian sky!

This video contains a variety of extreme freestyle sports and the best parts of it!

This video contains a variety of extreme sports and look really awesome.