Here are a few animals that most people do not know exists.
This video is about illusions people create and it is awesome!
This is a mystery as a glass-like material triangle was found in the Bermuda triangle.
This is very cool, if you watch the video and follow the instructions then you will see what you are suppose to see.
This is a video of a man that gained a pack of 38 lions trust at a nature reserve.
This is a Forensic artist drawing people as they describe themselves without once looking at them.  He is totally amazing!
This is a video of two guys in an elevator and the one guy fakes strangle his friend to see what people will do in murder in progress situation.  This was the response.
This is a video where a ball pit is put in a city and people can just go sit in it and make a friend if another joins.
This video is about a few guys from Switzerland in a drum corps and they are good.
This is a video of a Thai ice cream place that rolls so quickly ice cream rolls it is amazing.