This is a short commercial video by Liberty Life showing why you would need a life insurance policy, income protection and disability cover from them. If you are thinking about getting life insurance, Liberty Life cover is strongly recommended.
This is a very funny stay alive commercial.
This is some stupid, but funny banned commercials.
Some stupid, but somewhat funny banned commercials.
Here is 5 banned commercials and its funny.
This is about a cheerios commercial that was banned after there was so many racist comments…
This is a banned censored commercial, because some of the things the kids say is censored, now it is banned.
This is a commercial where they use friends to advertise the drink.  It is where a friend are in trouble and have to bring in the middle of the night money for them otherwise they are in big trouble.
This is a video of a very straight forward grandpa commercial of what you see is what you get and very funny as well.
This is a Durex condom commercial that is banned, it shows how the sperm is kept inside the balloon.