This is a compilation of photos of celebs without make-up, nasty!
This is a video of different pictures of drunk celebs that is truly hilarious.
This is Alison Brie from the series Community, and she is doing funny faces of meme pictures with her own.  Hilarious!
This is a video where a news reporter bumps into 50 cent and he gives her a very awkward kiss.
This video contains 10 video of where Justin Bieber fails.
This video contains 5 of the biggest celeb fails you will ever see.  Very Funny!!!
This is a video of a girl coping Christina in her song You Are Beautiful, but with her own nasty words.  It is funny though!
This news presenter Megyn Kelly farts live on tv and can’t stop laughing about it!
This rock is on a live interview where he gives his speech and then farts. Funny!
This is a video where Cheryl Cole was interviewed live and she farted on the show.