This is a old lady at a wedding that is so drunk she just keep walking backwards until she falls.
This is a woman on the beach that is so drunk she cannot even walk.
This is a video with a wide variety of drunken people doing really funny things.
This video is comparing one guy partying sober and drunk to see which one looks more fun.
This video is about a boy and his dad dancing like they never danced before.  It is very funny and sweet when seeing how much they enjoys it.
Lol drunk man takes the escalator to go down… wrong one!
This is how some people end up after a wild party, you definitely want to see this photos.  It is extremely funny!
This video shows what people are capable of doing when they have to much to drink.  See for yourself!
You will see here the funniest drunk people doing stupid stuff ever!
This is a video of a variety of drunk people that is killing it on the dance floor – literally!