This video is about some guys throwing the one guy with some balls and for revenge the guy spray them with water.
This video shows how people walk or slide the path down, because of the freezing rain on the floor.
This video is about friends playing golf.  The one guy is so drunk he missed the ball and fell into the water.  This is very funny, you will love it.
In this videos three guys wants to prank two homeless people by buying them pizza and to deliver it to the homeless people.  The two homeless people are so shocked, but at the same time very happy.  This is funny, but also very priceless at the same time.  
This is this guy’s first time he is going on a roller coaster and he is totally freaking out!
This woman is presenting the floorless roller coaster and she must ride it (first time in 10 years on one), and she was totally scared.
It is Halloween when the little girl ran for the door to trick a treat when a huge spider fell from the roof.  She got so scared she started crying and ran to her mom, hilarious!  
This two guys is got tickets worth a 140 dollars for 70 dollars under 40 sec.  Check it out!
This kids gave their old grandpa sour candy and this was his reaction, and the kids loved it!
This is about as fast as any tractor will go with a turbo charged Volvo engine.  This is any farmers wish!