This music video is Not Your fault by AWOLNATION.
This music video is one of the best releases of 2012! Drive by – Train.  
Fade into the darkness – Awesome music video by Avicii.
The official music video of  As long as you love me by Justin Bieber.
This is the fabulous music video of Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull.
This baby is falling asleep the whole time while sitting up straight.  This is hilarious.
These two twin boys is finding each other very interesting and laugh at each other.  This is so cute!
This is Just For Laughs video is more than an hour long, and contains most of the Just for laughs videos.  You will find the most funniest videos and have a long laugh.  Check this out, you would not regret it!
This video is really funny, because it is a blind man that has to pee, and when he does the people are not happy with him.  It is very funny, have a look!