This video is about a bunch of guys making a super fast bicycle with a little twist.  It is very good.
This is guys having fun while doing extreme sports.  Looks absolutely fun!
This is a Forensic artist drawing people as they describe themselves without once looking at them.  He is totally amazing!
This is definitely a extreme sport and most fascinating.  This guy is a dare devil from fly with one huge speed through a small cave.  Amazing!
This woman is extremely good at jumping rope, and she does all kinds of tricks.
This is an experiment at the University of Illinois Urbana Campaign where they put 1,600 000 pounds of pressure on the concrete cylinder and the it bursts.
This is a video where a building is destroyed from the inside out, each day a level of the building is gone.  This is amazing and a better technique than to bomb the place.
This is a video of two guys in an elevator and the one guy fakes strangle his friend to see what people will do in murder in progress situation.  This was the response.
This is a video where a ball pit is put in a city and people can just go sit in it and make a friend if another joins.
This is a type of cloth that has all the element of concrete except if you fill it with water it is very flexible and you can make any shape with it.  Just look at this concrete canvas tent.