If you are a dog lover and love watching things that dogs do, check out this video!!!
This is a lot of dog videos put together about what a man’s best friend can do.
This video is about a dog pushing a man in a wheelchair through the flood.
This great dane do not want to leave his bed.  He does not want to get up.
This is a very dancing dog, he dances to Eminem’s song Shake That.  Very cute!
This is a video of a dog stranded on a piece of ice in the middle of the ocean and a Russian ships of men saves the dog.
This video is about a woman that wants to bath her dog, but he simply resists by playing dead.  This is so funny and sweet!
This video are for all the dog lovers.  It has a number of funny dog videos put into one video.  It is very funny and some even is funny dog and kids videos.
This video is about a dog determined for the statue man to throw his stick.  The dog is begging and pleading but the man does not want to.  It is very funny and so sweet!
This video contains kids and animal videos that is very funny and unique.  When one loves funny videos this will keep you laughing.